Covex & Anna Scholfield - Blinding Love EP

by Covex

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To try something new, I collaborated with one of the best musicians I know to create three diverse tracks, all including vocals from the woman herself, Anna Scholfield. It has been a crazy--yet fun--four months creating this EP with her, and I can assure you there will be many other tracks featuring Anna in the future.


released 02 September 2014



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Track Name: Just Outside The Shine
"Sometimes it's okay to be alone for a while
Suns fall softly and nobody see's a smile
To be bigger, better, higher, stronger - the lesser must fade
Stand aside when there's nothing left to say"

"The light feels nice until it pierces your eyes
Can't look away and the tears turn to cries
Staring at the sky makes people blind
And truth's out on the lawn
A chore to find"

"Just outside the shine"

"The gravel's fine to walk without a crutch
Can't embrace, but every now and then there is a touch
They say the world has a million or two
And I can almost see through the rosey hue"

"The highway to heaven is crowded
So, if you don't want to wait in line
Maybe we could be together
Just outside the shine"
Track Name: Can't Look Away
"Can't look away, can't look away
This brilliance is obvious to me
If you can see it, through my eyes"

"There's no other way to explain
Away with pain...
It's time, It's time"
Track Name: Impostor
Anna: "Pop and rattle the door
I'm inside in my arm chair
And I can tell, you can tell, I can tell
I don't know what this is anymore"

Covex: "This is already old
The bottles been broke
The lights are on and someones home
But the keys, are not where you said they would be"

Covex: "So let me in"
Anna: "No"
Covex: "Am I wrong?"
Anna: "Mhmm"
Covex: "What's the code?"
Covex: "Where you been?"
Anna: "I don't know who you are anymore"
Anna: "Is there nothing left to foster, cause you're acting like an Impostor"

Anna: "There's no turning back now
I'm done, you won
Everything but the house"

Covex: "If you let me explain, I could change
But what's the point if you shut me out"

Anna: "Wipe that look from your eyes"
Covex: "The door is closed, now my heart's exposed"

Covex & Anna: "We gotta keep it together
Change the lock, better knock, can't just walk in
I'll leave my heart at the door
You know who it's for"

Covex: "Let me in"
Anna: "No"
Covex: "Am I wrong?"
Anna: "Mhmm"
Covex: "What's the code?"
Covex: "Where you been?"
Anna: "I don't know who you are anymore"

Anna: "Glass is shattering
Doesn't matter and I've never seen a criminal, who looks like you
These walls are so weak, it's hard not to speak
To someone I used to know so well"